Captives #B04

Documentation from artist Quayola of a stone sculpture being formed with an industrial robot to create a work combining the contemporary and the classical:

Captives is an ongoing series of digital and physical sculptures, a contemporary interpretation of Michelangelo’s unfinished series “Prigioni” (1513-1534) and his technique of “non-finito”.

The work explores the tension and equilibrium between form and matter, man-made objects of perfection and complex, chaotic forms of nature. Whilst referencing Renaissance sculptures, the focus of this series shifts from pure figurative representation to the articulation of matter itself. As in the original “Prigioni” the classic figures are left unfinished, documenting the very history of their creation and transformation.

Mathematical functions and processes describe computer-generated geological formations that evolve endlessly, morphing into classical figures. Industrial computer-controlled robots sculpt the resulting geometries into life-size “unfinished” sculptures.

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28.09.2013 EYE Film Institute Amsterdam CineSonic was invited to collaborate at the creation of a new live show for the opening of EYE’s Ruskino special program. The result was a new score for Eisenstein’s legendary Batlleship Potemkin by Dutch ambient electronic producer Machinefabriek. Battleship Potemkin Sergei Eisenstein | Russia | 1925 | 75 min Directed by one of the greatest Russian directors, Battleship Potemkin narrates the naval mutiny on board of the warship and the brutally suppressed mass uprising that it incited. MACHINEFABRIEK Rutger Zuydervelt (Rotterdam, NL) started releasing and performing as Machinefabriek in 2004. Since then, he released numerous EPs and albums, emerging as one of the most respected Dutch producers of ambient electronic music. Internationally renowned, Machinefabriek collaborated with an array of artists, musicians and film makers, such as Chris Teerink, for whom he composed the soundtrack of the documentary ‘Sol LeWitt’. Machinefabriek’s music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, minimalism, drone and field recordings. CineSonic 48 – Machinefabriek meets Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin CineSonic

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