The top 10 artists I listened to this week:

The Shins 122
Modest Mouse 108
Vampire Weekend 107
Arcade Fire 89
Pixies 83
Spoon 77
Neutral Milk Hotel 74
Band of Horses 73
Death Cab for Cutie 64
The Decemberists 52
Pavement 49
The National 47

Sunday Ride, March 22nd, 2015

With a bright sun in the sky, and pretty much everyone needing to work on mopeds, KMR met early in the afternoon on Sunday and started wrenching.  By five o’clock, everyone was ready to roll out and do some riding. We took a nice long (but surprisingly COLD) lap around Western’s campus, ending the ride at Gonzo’s Bigg Dogg Brewery for some food.

In Attendance:



Chopper Brad




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