Asked to choose a single “master image” to sum up his work, Steven Spielberg chose this shot from Close Encounters, in which little Barry Guiler opens his living-room door to see the “beautiful but awful light” emanating from an alien spacecraft. “And he’s very small,” Spielberg said, “and it’s a very large door, and there’s a lot of promise or danger outside that door.”

Sunday Ride, June 21st 2015

It was a busy weekend for the individual members of KMR, but a good number of us were able to get together on Sunday for fixing up some chains, polishing some shinies, and just general bike maintenance. By the time we looked up, it had started getting dark, so we took the opportunity to ride over to one of our new favorite local hangouts, One Well, to have a beer and relax and eke the last bit of…

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Meet Mary Tippee, or Mary Tebe, a vivandere with the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, whose unit was led by Collis Zouaves. Women in this position were responsible for working in canteens and carrying water, brandy, or wine for the soldiers. In traditional vivandere fashion, Tippee is pictured wearing the uniform of her company, with a knee-length skirt over the men’s pants. Ca. 1863. Attributed to Charles J. and Isaac G. Tyson. Tipton Collection. National Archives Identifier: 520205