So the amateur hour is about to begin, and while it’s annoying and terrible and disgusting, I would be lying if I said I don’t miss late nights at Bull McCabe’s and closing down the place with what felt like the whole goddamn town there belting this out.

One of the things that I was hoping to accomplish with the new blog seems somewhat counter intuitive: I want to use it to disengage a little from social media. It’s probably messed up logic, but in looking at setting this all up and trying to figure out where I want to post and interact, I realized that probably 90% of the content I see on facebook is shit that I have zero interest in.  Sure, a lot of the links that show up in my feed are entertaining, but there’s a difference between being entertained and being engaged.
So I tweaked out my facebook settings a bit so that when someone wants to interact with me I get a notification, otherwise, I pretty much have no reason to log in to them at all.

So many times, a list of New Year’s resolutions go through things that people want to do to make themselves better.  I’ve done that in the past, but this year, I’m going to try to set legitimate tangible goals and see what happens:

1) Read a book a week.
2) Go to at least one moped rally.
3) Post to the blog three times a week.
4) Find (or create) a boardgame group and play a game a week.
5) Explore more of Kalamazoo, trying a new restaurant or bar every two weeks.


Guy at counter: Can I get you anything else?
Me: Let’s see…Can I get one of those sausage pretzels?
Guy at counter: Sure…you want that for now or want me to wrap it?
G: Um…I’ll eat it now?
Guy at counter (looking at Janelle): He’s got the right answer.