Kobayakawa is a minimalist betting tactical game. The Pico of Poker (as it was described to me). The game antes one coin, and then deals each player a card, plus flips a card face up.

Going (once) around the table you can either:

  • Draw a card, then keep one card (hidden) and reveal the other (discarding it).
  • Replace the face up card in the center (you flip up the top one and replace, no choice).

After this, there’s one round of betting. You can bet or fold. After everyone bets, you reveal. The lowest revealed card gets to add the center card to theirs. Highest value wins. (Under the gun winning ties). That’s it.

from The Tao of Gaming

I can see myself mocking up a copy of this soon to give it a try.  I like games with a level of bluff and combining that with simple rules and a bit of press-your-luck, this seems like a winner.