One of the things that I was hoping to accomplish with the new blog seems somewhat counter intuitive: I want to use it to disengage a little from social media. It’s probably messed up logic, but in looking at setting this all up and trying to figure out where I want to post and interact, I realized that probably 90% of the content I see on facebook is shit that I have zero interest in.  Sure, a lot of the links that show up in my feed are entertaining, but there’s a difference between being entertained and being engaged.
So I tweaked out my facebook settings a bit so that when someone wants to interact with me I get a notification, otherwise, I pretty much have no reason to log in to them at all.

3 thoughts on “Anti-social Media

  1. I’m backing off my twitter/facebook account.  I see more quality posts here and with FB feed changes I don’t even see family posts my wife sees on her feed.   So backing off, definitely.

  2. I feel the same way Geoff; much better signal to noise ratio on G+, but it seems like FB has become almost a necessary evil since it pervades pretty much everything.

  3. I have deleted my FB account once and my wife missed the pictures.   So I will keep the account and use it for various logins such as Words With Friends but posting is pretty much going to stop.   I don’t even have the app installed on the mobile devices.Plus once in a while my wife will say, “Did you see the video of your grand-niece?” and I will go check in then.   There is one fishing group for Topsail Island I do like to check on from time to time.  

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