An unemployed 50-year-old Pennsylvania native living in Spring Hill, Balmer, Florida, entered a Kmart wearing a black T-shirt that asked in large white letters: “Who needs drugs?” Beneath that, the shirt said in smaller white lettering: “No, seriously, I have drugs.”

According to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report, Balmer was waiting in a checkout line at the store when a deputy entered.

When Balmer saw the deputy, he attempted to hand a plastic bag containing marijuana and methamphetamines to the person standing behind him, a sheriff’s report said.

When the person declined to receive the bag, Balmer walked to another cash register and placed it on the ground, the sheriff’s office said.

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Russian food stylist and photographer Tatiana Shkondina elevates everyday food to high art by using it to create playful reproductions of iconic paintings by the likes of Dalí, Magritte, Klimt, van Gogh and more. Shkodina spent a lot of time researching the best edible materials to use for her recreations and, as a result, each one is instantly recognizable and the famous painting on which its based.The unmistakable work of Salvador Dalí takes shape using bread, pasta, cheese and seasonings, while René Magritte appears in the form of fruits and veggies. Watermelon, cheese, yogurt and chocolate comprise the geometric work of Piet Mondrian and two different paintings by Vincent van Gogh are beautifully recreated using peppers and lentils for one and rice, grapes and pasta for the other.

Post-production for this delightful project was done by Russian photographer Alex Tivanov.

Visit Tatiana Shkondina’s website to explore more of her artful food photography.

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