Greetings from the River of Boiling Water where the snow, like my hairline, is receding.

On the Internets:

Americans spent more money on legal weed last year than on Cheetos. Tony the Tiger has no comment. In other animal news, the Dutch are training eagles to take down drones. Uber is trying to soothe drunken passengers with toys. In Italy, you can buy stocks that are backed by Parmesan cheese. There’s an excellent article about element scarcity, which seems a weird contrast to Apple bricking customer’s phones and a landfill fire in Mumbai that can be seen FROM. OUTER. FUCKING. SPACE. Twitter has opted to try out an algorithmic timeline, a la Facebook, speaking of wasted resources. Also, the UN released a pretty damning report on the state of African-Americans in the US. An Australian woman crashed her own funeral after her husband had put out a hit on her.

Sounds like it’s a good time to get a drink, which according to this report from CAMRA, is probably a good thing.


Just got back from Chicago, where I saw my first opera. Like ever. Unless you count “What’s Opera, Doc?” which I don’t think you can.

I’ve been drinking a lot of a cocktail called “The Thug” lately. Here’s the recipe:
1.5 oz bourbon (I’ve been using Buffalo Trace, but recently have realized something spicier would be better)
1 oz honey syrup (Honey and water 1:1)
.25 oz lemon juice
Scrappy’s Firewater Tincture

Mix the bourbon, honey, and lemon juice together, and strain over ice. Add firewater tincture to taste…I usually go about 5 drops/1 dash. The base cocktail is nice, but with the firewater you’re adding this really nice heat/spice element to the drink that mostly comes just in the finish.

I’ve Been Reading:

Finally wrapped up The Devil You Know and ready to start jumping into The Girl With All the Gifts, though I also need to clean up my comics inbox. I’ve also got The Tomorrow Girl collection that I recently found and realized I hadn’t read.

In the Earhole:

Eye Pollution:

Finished up The London Spy last week and sweet jeebus was the ending just as awful as the rest of it. It looks like the snow is going to hit us hard again this week, so I suspect I will be watching more television. I’ve got a lot left of season 3 of The Bridge so maybe I can work on that.

Boring, Boring Arsenal:

Arsenal had a terrible midweek, with a nil-nil draw to Southampton doing a decent amount of damage to Arsenal’s title chances, if we’re all being honest. That said, the goals in this morning’s 2-0 win against Bournemouth might be enough to get things back on track, even though Leicester City seems damn near unstoppable.

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