This is the back of Elijah Jefferson Bond’s gravestone. Bond patented the Ouija board in 1891. In 1907, Bond trademarked another oracle game called “Nirvana the Magic Swastika Talking Board,” which is now exceedingly rare. According to this website, which features photos of hundreds of planchettes from vintage oracle boards, there is only one Nirvana planchette known to exist.



Leave it to AsapSCEINCE to help answer some of life’s most pressing questions in a way that doesn’t stink. In the video, they suggest that we may “prefer” the smell of our own farts because it’s both familiar and contains a genetic signature that is unique to each of us. Interestingly, your tolerance to farts in general are based on other factors such as age, culture, and personality as well. Check out AsapSCIENCE’s video above for more.

Why Do We Like Our Own Farts? | AsapSCIENCE



A new social type was being created by the apartment building, a cool, unemotional personality impervious to the psychological pressures of high-rise life, with minimal needs for privacy, who thrived like an advanced species of machine in the neutral atmosphere. This was the sort of resident who was content to do nothing but sit in his over-priced apartment, watch television with the sound turned down, and wait for his neighbours to make a mistake. –J.G. Ballard, High-Rise, 1975

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