Greetings from the River of Boiling Water where I had planned on leading with this story about a mentally ill guy here stabbing someone because voices told him that she had “cut off the head of god”, but then, we have one nice day of weather and it causes some Uber driver to go nuts and start killing people.  The town is reeling, and details are still being revealed.  Is the time to get out now?

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Apple decided not to buckle to government pressure to create a backdoor into iOS, and a judge in California ruled that the Electronic Frontier Foundation can conduct a discovery against the NSA. This is a HUGE fucking deal, because it’s the first time in HISTORY that someone will be able to get details about the warrantless surveillance conducted by the NSA. Your parmesan cheese may be full of wood pulp. Hijab Barbie is blowing up Instagram, while venture capitalists may be less likely to fund women’s startups because they have stay-at-home wives and male biology students consistently underrate their female peers and hey, hoverboard porn is a thing now. Cars still provide higher profits, but in 2015, Volkswagen sold more sausages than automobiles.


Not a lot going on really, other than I finally got a chance to take the moped out yesterday and did some much needed maintenance, such as replacing it’s tires, which given that they were the original tires, meant that they were as old as I was. I also flushed a bunch of junk out of the tank, but it’s still got some problems, just need to get a moped guru to take a look at it, because it’s beyond me at this point.

I’ve Been Reading:

Didn’t have a lot of chance to get anything read this week, but hoping that changes soon. My comics list is piling up quick, and I’d really like to finally knock out the Sandman.

In the Earhole:

Eye Pollution:

Rewatched The Prestige this week, and it was just as good as I remembered it. The Bridge Season 3 was a gut wrencher.

My friend Scott sent along a link to this video:

ALSO motherfucking DEADPOOL. Probably the truest comic-to-film adaptations I’ve ever seen.

Boring, Boring Arsenal:

A heavily rotated (BUT STILL TALENTED ENOUGH TO BEAT HULL) drew against Steve Bruce’s Hull City in a scoreless affair. Normally I’m not one to blame the referees, but Mike Dean should be ashamed of himself for missing not 1 but TWO clear penalty calls.

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