Greetings from a snow dusted River of Boiling Water (NO NOT THAT ONE) where things seem to be going just ok.

On the Internets:

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The internet thinks Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. Uganda tried to block out social media in an attempt to control elections, but Ugandans got around it. Fat penguins are not as good at waddling as thinner penguins. A city in Canada wants to track criminals in their town with technology that doesn’t exist. A unicorn got a time-out for being naughty. Eric Holder wishes he was Kareem Abdul-Jabar. A woman in Romania knitted a coat out of her own hair.

Why do we encourage girls to be scared? A man gets hacked because he asked for it. The guy who created the worst Atari game in history claims it was Spielberg’s fault.


It’s been a busy week with work, but I did get a chance to work some more on my moped, but it’s still not running the way I want it. It was warm enough yesterday that I could roast coffee, which is great, because I had some really not good stuff from a local roaster and needed a palate cleanser.

I’ve Been Reading:

Finally finished The Sandman. It was just as good as everyone ever said it was. Thanks for pretty much every friend of mine ever for recommending it.

This piece by Laura Munoz

Also the 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy. I am still not funny.

In the Earhole:

Eye Pollution:

Speaking of things that aren’t funny, Ernest Goes to Camp does not hold up. I’ve been watching Borgen, and have also become completely fascinated by Insert Name Here. Quite possibly one of the funniest British panel shows out right now. And yes, I’m including QI in that list.

I also watched Trapped, which aside from not knowing how to pronounce any fucking character’s name was not too bad. There was also 30 Degrees in February which I just couldn’t get into.

Boring, Boring Arsenal:

After an absolutely maddening performance against Barcelona ended with the visitors wining 2-0, Arsenal somehow couldn’t get their shit enough to beat a Manchester United team that was missing FIFTEEN first team players, losing 3-2. Title chances aren’t gone, but coming back is going to take SCORING GOALS and it wouldn’t hurt if Leicester lost a few.

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